Hi, my name is Giovanni Tempobono

I'm a software developer and I love what I do.

Right now my main focus is on web development, I have worked in both back-end and front-end of many web projects with technologies ranging from PHP and Ruby on Rails to HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

I am really interested in open-source software, I believe that they are one of the best friends of people who are learning to program.

What I believe

I believe that everyone can learn to program, doesn't matter your age, gender, skill level or education. The programming world is a lovely place and it will welcome you with open arms, all you need to do is start programming.

I believe that diversity is wonderful, I can't even tell you how much of a better programmer I've become since I started reading design books, or how many times I've understood something about Rails by watching Laravel screencasts. Get out of your bubble.

What I've done

I've been working as a programmer since 2012 when I was seventeen.

I've been blogging about technology since 2012 in one of the various iterations of this blog.

I've built and maintained a CMS software called Bloguinho, which is built with Ruby on Rails and currently powers this website. It is going to be released as open-source really soon!

Let's talk

If you want to talk to me, head over to the About page to see ways of contacting me.